Each one of our pumping units is superbly engineered and quality constructed. Utilizing API Spec 11E, we ensure all API specifications are met or exceeded

  • All units are designed for uniformity and interchangeability of assemblies.
  • All materials are traceable to serial numbers.
  • Bearing assemblies and seals are standardized and commonly available.
  • Castings are industry standard ASTM-A48 class 30 grey iron, or D65-45-12 ductile iron.
  • Wrist-pin assemblies have 1 3/8" taper per foot for secure lock-up and have replaceable crank arm bushings.
  • Crank arms are machined in pairs to ensure exact geometrical tolerance.
  • All assemblies are fabricated in "Jigs" to provide consistent fit-ups and superior workmanship.
  • All structural fabrication is performed to Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certification under CSA Standard W47.1 in Division 1.
  • Engineered walking beams.
  • Railroad bearings in all saddles.
  • Swing style equalizer uses bearings and cross shafts on all models.
  • Engineered equalizer beam utilizes I Beam pitman arms.
  • Three-leg Samson posts on all models.
  • Split case gear boxes manufactured to API specifications.
  • Ladders are equipped with safety hoops on all units.
  • Belt guard is installed on Hi Mount units.
  • Meshed crank guards are standard on all models.
  • Engineered safety harness is standard on all models.
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